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Hi I'm Becki, I'm a genderfluid artist based in the UK and I retexture avatars for VRChat.
I've been retexturing avatars since January 2022, and set up my business in March 2022. It was thanks to Furality Legends that I began retexturing avatars and playing VRChat as a whole.
I can say that without attending this VR convention I would not be where I am today. Before attending Furality Legends in November 2021 I had never played VRChat before or intended to, Now I am a Furality Volunteer and retexture avatars for the game and its players.
Within VRChat I enjoy the clubs and raves the most. I am a part of many VR club teams as I enjoy running around with a camera and capturing video footage of all the amazing attendee’s and DJ’s as well as the dynamic worlds the events are hosted within. I also enjoy exploring different worlds with my friends, relaxing and socializing with them.
The avatars you see below on this page are personal avatars I've created for my own use as well as public avatars that are free to use and can be found in my avatar world (still WIP).
To see completed commissions please go to my Retexture commissions page and if you’re interested in commissioning me please go to my Commission Information page.
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World Preview

Public avatar world

Please read these terms before Commissioning me

Avatar Retexture Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms and Conditions

  1. Commissions under the cost of £60 I require full payment upfront to begin your commission, commissions over the cost of £60 I require at least 50% upfront or £60 deposit (whichever is greater), until I have received this payment your place in my queue is not guaranteed and no progress will be made.
  2. Payment is currently accepted via PayPal Invoicing (available worldwide) or Bank Transfer (UK Only), I currently cannot accept payment any other way and do not accept gift cards for any store
  3. Your completed avatar will only be handed over once I have received full payment and the funds have cleared
  4. Once I have begun work on your avatar any payments sent are non refundable, It will be clearly communicated when I have begun work on your avatar (examples of me having begun work include (but are not limited to) setup of unity project, start of texturing or purchase of assets required). Full refunds can be requested and granted up to the point I have begun work on your commission. After I have begun work refunds can still be requested but cost of assets and time will be deducted.
  5. My quotes and prices are displayed in GBP. When converting to your local currency please be aware that the figure given or displayed is likely to change at any time and is not final.
  6. Quotes are Valid for a maximum of 3 months, After this a new quote will be generated for you if you wish.
  7. Payment Plans are accepted. Payment Plans cannot span more than 3 months from the First to Final installment. For payment plans NO work will begin until FULL amount has been received. During the course of the payment plan as no work will have been started you are eligible for a full refund, However once paid in full you are subject to the same refund policy as above.