Art by Becki

Who am I?

Hi I'm Becki, an artist based in the UK and primarily painting Furry avatars for VRChat. Most of the avatars you see are personal avatars I've created for myself, with more added as I complete comissions. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding a potential commission. No ref sheet required. Thank you very much for looking at my website 😄❤️

See my completed comissions here!

Comissions Open!

For each personal avatar, I've added an approximate price. This is only for personal avatars I've made for myself, and can be used as a rough guide to a commission price. Actual prices are generated on a case by case basis.

You can see my currently owned avatars, accessories and wishlist here. If you don't see one you want on the list, that doesn't mean I won't retexture it!

Prices start at £30 for an avatar retexture. Every project will come with both a PC and Quest compatible version (base-dependant). Price includes full setup in Unity and simple shader work. Price will increase with more complicated designs or markings, adding accessories and props to avatars, or more advanced shader work (eg, glitter and emission maps).

Contact me for a quote:
[email protected]
Discord: Becki#8510
Google Form

Please note: The price stated does not include the cost of the avatar base. Most paid avatar bases require BOTH parties to own the avatar. If the base avatar model you would like is a paid model, the price will be my commission price plus the cost of the avatar. The same applies to paid accessories.