Commissions !

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Public avatar world

All Prices Shown are in GBP and are STARTING prices

Toony/Regular Retexture FROM - £40

Furbrush/Realistic Retexture FROM - £60

At times I will offer rush retextures completion within 48 hours from FULL payment, these an additional £40. The availability and acceptance of these entirely depends on the work you wish to be done, life events and current queue length. Please ask if you wish for this service.

NSFW Retextures FROM an additional - £20 (Proof of Age Required, See TOS)

Props (Swords/Collars/Bracelets/Glow Sticks etc) - Retexture AND Setup with Toggle anim FROM - £5

Clothing/Accessories (Harnesses, Shoes, Any Clothes etc) - Retexture AND Setup FROM - £10

Turnaround for an Avatar Retexture is within 1 week (after minimum payment threshold has been reached). Depending on your commission complexity or life events, time could be longer. If I believe it shall take longer than a week I shall communicate this clearly to you at the time of quoting.

Every commission comes with BOTH a PC and Quest version HOWEVER please note that the quest platform has strict limitations and therefore the avatar texture might look lower quality on the quest platform or might not have all accessories and props. For some avatar bases it is impossible to get them quest compatible. Please communicate clearly in the beginning if you are on the quest platform.

I can optimize avatars to increase their VRChat optimization rating. This is done on a case by case basis after the commission is completed. Prices for this are FROM £20. Also requires ownership of polytool.

You can view my current owned avatars and accessories on my Retexture Gallery, or if you prefer in this document.

I can retexture any free avatar base or accessory. Any paid avatar bases or accessories that I do not currently own require 50% of the cost to purchase to be covered by the customer.

I cannot personally do any custom modeling of bases or assets (however I know a guy). I can only retexture and combine existing assets made by other creators.

Contact methods. My preferred contact method is Discord (@beckyisponymad) however please use any of the following if you’d prefer.

Please check my trello for current queue and progress