Commissions Open!

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Commissions Open!

For each personal avatar, I've added an approximate price. This is only for personal avatars I've made for myself, and can be used as a rough guide to a commission price. Actual prices are generated on a case by case basis.

You can see my currently owned avatars, accessories and wishlist here. If you don't see one you want on the list, that doesn't mean I can't retexture it.

Prices start at £30 for an avatar retexture.
Props/Accessories start at £5 for texturing and unity setup.
Every project will come with both a PC and Quest compatible version (base-dependant).
Price includes full setup in Unity, basic shader work and upload to your personal VRChat account
Price will increase with more complicated designs, markings, unity work and shader work. This applies both to the avatar and any props/accessories
NSFW commissions accepted for an extra £10. Proof of age required.
I do accept payment plans.
I accept payment via PayPal which is accepted worldwide, or Bank transfer which is for UK customers only.

Contact me for a quote:
Discord: Becki#8510
Google Form

Please note: The price stated does not include the cost of the avatar base. Most paid avatar bases require BOTH parties to own the avatar and some do not allow public uploads. If the base avatar model you would like is a paid model, the price will be my commission price plus the cost of the avatar. The same applies to paid accessories. You can always check the terms of the avatar/accessory on the page you purchased it/intend to purchase it. Alternative ask me and I will find the information for you.

Please read these terms before Commissioning me:

  1. I require proof of ownership of paid models/assets if you want a private avatar commission, a private avatar commission means it gets uploaded directly to your personal VRChat account
  2. For any explicit/NSFW work I require proof of age, this has to be government/authority issued ID such as driving licence, or passport. These images can be deleted from the chat once I've confirmed and I will NEVER keep a copy of ID
  3. NSFW commissions can only be uploaded as private, I will not have other NSFW avatars as public on my account
  4. I do require at least 50% upfront to begin work on your avatar. Your avatar and files will only be handed over after full payment has cleared
  5. Once I have begun work, any payments sent are non-refundable
  6. I do upload your avatar to my account temporarily to take photos and for testing to make sure everything looks good in game and any animations/toggles work, I do not keep customers avatars uploaded and will never use them after I've confirmed the work is satisfactory with the customer.
  7. If you choose to upload the avatar yourself to your account, Please credit me in the description box with Textures by Beckyisponymad.
  8. For me to upload avatars to your account I require VRChat login details, these can be sent any way the customer wishes, I do not keep these nor will use these for anything other than uploading the avatar to VRChat from within Unity. This process will usually require an confirmation email to be sent from VRChat to your registered email address with them due to me logging in from a different location
  9. When converting from GBP to your currency, that figure is not valid for any set period of time, exchange rates are always changing please double check the amount it says I receive in my currency matches the amount quoted
  10. When paying via PayPal please select goods and services and also select no address required under shipping